As we enter our eighth year in the field of music education, we're working diligently to add to our educational offerings and improve our facilities. We've decided to move to a new location, introduce new classes and ensembles, and integrate our new student mentoring program. We're very excited to begin sharing these new forms of music education with our community.


At Cats n Jammers, we believe a musical education is an intellectually stimulating and emotionally therapeutic necessity for every young mind. New students who are introduced to their instrument of choice, whether it be guitar, piano, bass, vocals, drums, and coming soon - violin and saxophone, discover that they've finally found an outlet for their built up inner tension and emotions.


We believe that every young person should experience the joy of playing music.

Our new studio in Merrimac, Ma will be an environment specialized for a new kind of music education. Colorful, inviting lesson rooms will encourage peaceful, focused practice. A library of jazz records will encourage students to practice contemplation and musical exploration. A fully equipped 3,200 sq. foot recording space, the Reel Room Recording Lab, will give students the chance to record their own songs and listen back to them with an objective point of view. And when student ensembles are ready to perform- the Back Alley Cafe allows students to entertain their family and friends on our own concert stage, under colored lights and in front of a movie-theatre size projection screen.

Every student rehearsal, recording session, and live performance will be overseen by one or two of our professional instructors- Eric Peirce (Musician’s Institute, Hollywood), Karen Coughlin Patrena (Ithaca College, New York), and Nathaniel Peirce (Berklee College of Music, Boston). These instructors will use their musical knowledge and individual teaching philosophies to show students down the path to personal and artistic development.


We believe that an education in music will open the door to a more colorful life filled with excitement, challenge, and creativity. Our mission is to open this door for every student.

Eric Peirce

Karen Coughlin Patrena

Nathaniel Peirce



Out of the Past

Cats n Jammers began September 2010 after the retirement of Bob and Jenn Acorn and Acorn Music Studios. Not enough can be said about the Acorns' generosity, turning over the business and many students to us. The Acorns established a great reputation around town and this allowed us to hit the ground running and we haven't slowed down yet. 


Into the Future

A few projects we have in the works...


Build a Band Ensembles

Got Skills? Student Led Mentoring

The Reel Room Recording Lab

The Dave Peirce Memorial Jazz Library

Draw What You See

Repair Center - soon you will be able to have your instruments repaired at Cats n Jammers. Drums tuned, heads replaced, guitar and bass strings replaced, intonation and neck adjustments, cables repaired, and pickup installations.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe every student is unique and thus requires a unique method to engage them on their path to becoming proficient musicians. The key to this philosophy is to focus on what moves each student musically. We apply this to their musical interests while introducing them to new and different music to spark their creativity.

Music is the best Therapy.