Music Therapy


Music therapy is an effective educational and therapeutic tool for all walks of life, especially those with disabilities. The strategies involved with music therapy may effect changes in skill areas that are important for people with a variety of forms of disabilities such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism and many others. We have found music to be invaluable in relation to disabilities and every day stressful encounters.


Our experience with music has a number of benefits for people with with anxiety, stress and various disabilities. It is an important learning tool. A portion of the benefits of music comes from the fact that repetition within music may be more enjoyable than without it. There are many skills one can learn from listening to music and playing an instrument: listening, focusing, significant memorization assistance (ADHD), stimulating and motivating a person's speech, and rhythm stimulating and organizing a person's muscle responses (neuromuscular disorders), to name a few.


At Cats n Jammers, music has always been something that we can enjoy with others. We play all types of music. In layman's terms, it's a social equalizer in many ways and has led to friendships, social participation, and much more.


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